Apprentice Candidate 2017

Director of Design and Build UK and based in Bolton
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Michaela Joanne Wain


Meet Michaela Wain Director of Design & Build Publishing Ltd based at Crown St, Bolton, aged 33 from Bolton.

A graduate of Thornleigh Salesians College, Bolton, Michaela has always been an excellent sales person, making commission in various roles before starting her first company Design & Build Publishing Ltd, together with her brother Lee-john.

When Michaela Wain had her son in 2009, at age 25, she made the decision to start her own company producing a construction magazine, Design and Build UK, which would be distributed to readers throughout the UK. Using her 5 years’ experience in this field working as a sales rep for other magazines, she took the plunge with her brother Lee John and made a huge success of Design and Build UK.

Since its inception in Wigan Design and Build UK has gained exceptional exposure to the construction industry and boasts an average monthly combined print and digital distribution of 100,000, with monthly contributions from a variety of construction companies, architects, designers and development owners both nationwide and across the globe.

All types and sizes of projects are featured in Design and Build UK ranging from small industry projects and renovation schemes to articles on health and safety, world renowned schemes, new products and innovations and government legislation.

Design and Build UK aims to provide detailed market analysis, inside knowledge and business forecasting within the industry.

As Design and Build UK and its supplemental magazines have the requirement of an in house creative and web design team the company has, in the last couple of years, branched out into web design, gaining a varied client base through website design and publishing, with the creative team at Design and Build UK at the forefront of this evolution.

The company has also embarked on a new corporate branding and marketing feature, aiming to gain contracts for firms wishing to be connected to the construction industry. This is gained through marketing campaigns aimed at Design and Build UK’s readership and clients.