Nick Hinton is an artist, writer and philosopher. We will be discussing the Saturn time cube theory and the simulation theory. If you believe in something more than simply what we can see then this is the podcast to listen to. His latest book The Saturn Time Cube Simulation is available to purchase direct from Nick on PayPal or message him on Twitter @nickhintonn .

Saturn Time Cube Theory – The theory that a cube is connected to our lives, we are stuck inside a time cube in a constant simulated status. Created by a Demiurge and controlled by the devil. Major contributors to the world bank and the internet are involved. AI is an attempt to integrate us purely into this digitized world and control our minds. Influenced by the orbit of Saturn, the catalyst of the simulation.

Simulation theory – The idea that we all live in an artificial, likely computer, simulation similar to that portrayed in movies such as The Matrix. We are merely data.

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