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New! - "Women In Construction Podcast" with Michaela Wain and Hayley Roberts

Welcome to our women in construction podcast, download and listen to some of the worlds leading women and men in construction, discussing how we can attract and retain more women, listen in to debates, real life stories and useful hints and tips on how to succeed.
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Season 1 Ep.6 Women in Construction: Gaelle Blake

On this week’s episode of the Women in Construction Podcast we spoke about A Recruitment Lens on a Diverse and Inclusive Construction Industry with Gaelle Blake. We spoke about her being a mother of three, not seeing ED&I as just female issues, wanting to sit/work along side men rather than take their place, more diversity, not being surprised about diversity in construction, the lack of talent within the industry and changing lives in construction.

Key Points:

  • A Recruitment Lens on a Diverse and Inclusive Construction Industry
  • Being a mother of three
  • ED&I
  • Working along side men
  • More diversity
  • Lack fo talent in the industry



Season 1 Ep.5 Women in Construction: Dr. Anne Nortcliffe

On this week’s episode of the Women in Construction Podcast we spoke to Dr Anne Nortcliffe, Founding Head of School of Engineering, Technology and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University, about the importance of Equality Diversity and Inclusion in education and the workplace, as well as how getting ED&I correct in one builds the foundation for getting it right in the other.


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Season 1 Ep.4 Women in Construction: Helen Chorley

On this week’s episode of the Women in Construction Podcastwe spoke to Helen Chorley, Co-Founder of Property Sisters, about the importance of your network. We discussed starting out in property, her banking background, the industries dominated by men, feeling intimidated and lonely and the importance of a supportive community.

Key Points:

  • Starting out in property
  • Helen’s banking background
  • Industries dominated by men
  • Feeling intimidated and lonely
  • importance of a supportive community

Helens Linktree

Season 1 Ep.3 Women in Construction: Ayo Abbas

On this week’s episode of the Women in Construction Podcast we spoke to Ayo Abbas about campaigns to stop greenwashing, climate change, reducing carbon emissions, sustainability, saving on energy bills and the lack of change from our Government.

Season 1 Ep.2 Women in Construction: Emma Porter

On this week’s episode of the Women in Construction Podcast we spoke about WiC: Past, Present and the future. We touched on inclusive culture, the changes in the industry over the years, the importance of having more women at the top, being a parent in construction, having a competitive approach, being excited by diversity and the massive impact of having a good mentor/role model.

Key Points:

  • Inclusive culture
  • Changes in the industry
  • Having more women at the top
  • Being a parent in construction
  • Having a competitive approach
  • Being excited by diversity
  • Impact of having a mentor

Season 1 Ep.1 Women in Construction: Nariman AlKaddour

Welcome to a brand new season of the Women In Construction podcast. We are kicking off with a fascinating insight into the life of Nariman AlKaddour, ambassador for displaced talent. Nariman discusses how refugees are massively misrepresented, the negative portrayal from the media, growing up in Syria, the stigma surrounding misplaced talent, her life since moving to the UK, and more.

Key Points:

>Displaced Talent with Nariman AlKaddour
>Recruiting refugees and ex-offenders
>How refugees have been miss represented
>73% of refugees speak English
>Negative media portrayal
>Growing up in Syria
>Stigma around Displaced talent
>Her life in the UK
> Not knowing what mental health is until being in the UK


Linkedin: @buildacareer
Insta: @buildacareerofficial
FB: @buildacareerofficial

Ep.15 Women in Business: TikTok

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed TikTok. How Tiktok can help your business, why TikTok is becoming the new google, the best way to get started, knowing what content to post, monetising your account, and much more!

Ep.14 Women in Business: Should You Scale Your Business?

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed scaling your business. Should you do it? When? How to keep new business coming in, the importance of knowing what’s in the pipeline and balancing it, and much more!

Ep.13 Women in Business: Boost Your Business With LinkedIn

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed ‘Boosting your business with LinkedIn; The Difference between reaching out and stalking, tips on how to build relationships, the importance of the appearance of your profile, and much more!

S1. Ep.12 Women in Business: Leading With Purpose In Business

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed ‘Leading with purpose in business’, Do you know what your purpose is? What is your why? What makes you passionate?

S1. Ep.11 Women in Business: Pitch Deck/Investment Advice

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed Pitch Deck/Investment Advice; the pros and cons, how to know if investment is the best option for your business, learning and understanding the process, and more!

S1. Ep.10 Women in Business: Millennials vs Baby Bloomers

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed Millennials vs Baby Bloomers; Who has the better work ethic? Pros and cons of both, and more…

S1. Ep.9 Women in Business: Work-Life Juggle

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed juggling your work life with your personal life, including children, fitness, and studies, plus tips on how to better manage your schedule, time freedom vs earning money, and much more!

S1. Ep.8 Women In Business: Mentoring Catch-Up

On this week’s episode of Women in Business we had a mentoring catch-up session. We discussed the importance of mentoring, how having a mentor has been beneficial, connecting people within the industry with the right mentor, the difference between coaching and mentoring, and more!

S1. Ep7. Women In Business: Recruiting In A Modern World

On this week’s episode of the Women in Business podcast, we discussed recruiting in a modern world, ED&I, the best ways to recruit, discrimination within recruitment, male dominance in certain roles, recruiting friends rather than the best person for the job, and much more…

S1. Ep6. Women In Business: LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

On this week’s episode of Women in Business we discussed the dos and don’ts of social media, specifically LinkedIn. How professional should you be? Has the pandemic affected business personalities on social media? When are the best times to post? Do automated messages work? And much much more!

S1. Ep5. Women In Business: Mentoring Match-Ups

On this week’s episode of Women in Business we discussed mentoring. The importance of mentoring, connecting people within the industry with the right mentor, the difference between teaching and guiding, and much more!

S1. Ep4. Women In Business: Marketing Crash Course

On this week’s episode of Women in Business, we had a marketing crash course covering the importance of marketing budgets, some of the different methods of marketing including Seo, Pay-Per-Click and email marketing, building trust with clients, understanding your cash flow, and much more!

S1. Ep3. Women In Business: What does ED&I mean to you?

On this week’s episode of Women in Business we discussed ED&I. What does ED&I mean to you? What is the difference between equity and equality? Can we learn from the quotas South Africa has implemented? And much more!

S1. Ep2. Women In Business: Lead Generation

On today’s episode of the Women in Business podcast we discussed lead generation and the best ways to bring in more business; how to generate leads, the different methods of lead gen such as networking, tailored emails, referrals, podcasting, and more!

S1. Ep1. Women In Business: How Big Is 2022?

Welcome to the new podcast series, Women in Business S1 E1: How big is 2022?

On today’s episode, we touch on the importance of the new year, what goals we have, and  whether they’re big enough? Also, we discuss Hayley turning her dream of a franchise into a reality, why we limit our own expectations, and much more.

S1. Ep6. Women In Construction: Kirsti Wells

On this week’s episode of the Women In Construction podcast we spoke to Kirsti Wells, The Marches Apprenticeship Ambassador Network & STEM Ambassador. Kirsti spoke about recruiting talent into the industry, becoming a mum at 17, overcoming the challenges and struggles of mental health, suffering from dyscalculia, her massive growth in confidence, and more!

S1. Ep5. Women In Construction: Lucy Malarkey

On this week’s episode of the Women In Construction podcast, we chatted with Lucy Malarkey, Director at Positive About Inclusion. Lucy spoke to us about diversity and inclusivity, how we can help everyone to thrive, accepting diverse backgrounds, fluency in business, how her business finds clients, and what made her so passionate to start the business she has.

S1. Ep4. Women In Construction: Harriet Marsden

This week’s special guest on the Women in Construction podcast is freelance journalist, author, and copywriter, Harriet Marsden. Harriet gave us insight into her bad experiences with tradesmen, why she wouldn’t hire a man to come into her home again, how tradesmen can make female clients feel safer, and much more!

S1. Ep3. Women In Construction: Karen Boom

On today’s episode, we spoke to Karen Boom, an inspirational mentor from She’s Electric. Karen spoke to us about being a mentor, the importance of having a mentor, building her successful brand, skill shortage within the industry, where and how to seek female mentors, negative comments and backlash from social media towards tradeswomen, and what challenges she wants to tackle next.

S1. Ep2. Women In Construction – Ben

On today’s episode, we speak to Ben, marketing consultant at Baxter Williams and ambassador for the recruitment sector. Ben gives us insight into how applicants with diverse backgrounds are treated, his opinion on positive discrimination, improving language on job descriptions, and more!

S1. Ep1. Women In Construction – Dr. Nashater

On this week’s episode, we have the fascinating Dr. Nashater, clinical and forensic psychologist. Dr. Nashater gives us insight as to where our biases come from, greater profitability of companies with diverse boards, different types of biases, how we can learn from our biases and much more!

S3. Ep1. Michaela Wain Interviews Kiki

Super insightful interview with Kiki owner of she is also a practising GP. We cover the pandemic and vaccines. Starting a product company from scratch and how a successful GP finds herself starting a biodegradable dog poop bag company. Kiki is an amazing hard working entrepreneur who has used her skills gained from being a GP to cross over into the world of business and it’s inspiring to hear how. Give them a follow on all socials to check out her product @fetchitbags

S2. Ep6. Michaela Wain Interviews Oliver Famili

Oliver Famili is a huge inspiration to me personally and hopefully to all of you. After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a blood cancer arising from plasma cells, he decided to fight on and start his own company from his hospital bed. He believes that chemicals used in his previous employment contributed greatly to him getting cancer and has started a toxin-free pest control company as a result. He’s an amazing human being and I hope you all love hearing his story. Get in touch with Oliver at Gold Pest Control.

S2. Ep5. Michaela Wain Interviews BBC the Apprentice’s Lewis Ellis

​Lewis Ellis, BBC Apprentice finalist 2019! Hear all about his business, the dramas from this season and his inspirational story. Follow Lewis Ellis on Instagram at lewis_ellis_, LinkedIn and on Twitter @imLewisEllis.

S2 Ep4. Michaela Wain Interviews Shaa Wasmund

Shaa Wasmund MBE is an entrepreneur, public speaker and author of the bestselling book ‘Stop Talking Start Doing’, and was awarded an MBE for ‘services to Business and Entrepreneurship’. Shaa was originally born in the US, but was brought up in the United Kingdom, studying at the London School of Economics and was recently named one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs in the Sunday Times. We talk about these life experiences, including being a mother, and touch on her work as an assistant and promoter for Chris Eubank.

To learn more about her visit her website at or follow her on Instagram or Twitter @shaawasmund

S2 Ep3. Michaela Wain Interviews Nick Hinton

Nick Hinton is an artist, writer and philosopher. We will be discussing the Saturn time cube theory and the simulation theory. If you believe in something more than simply what we can see then this is the podcast to listen to. His latest book The Saturn Time Cube Simulation is available to purchase direct from Nick on PayPal or message him on Twitter @nickhintonn .

Saturn Time Cube Theory – The theory that a cube is connected to our lives, we are stuck inside a time cube in a constant simulated status. Created by a Demiurge and controlled by the devil. Major contributors to the world bank and the internet are involved. AI is an attempt to integrate us purely into this digitized world and control our minds. Influenced by the orbit of Saturn, the catalyst of the simulation.

Simulation theory – The idea that we all live in an artificial, likely computer, simulation similar to that portrayed in movies such as The Matrix. We are merely data.

Find out more on his website

S2 Ep2. Michaela Wain Interviews Sarah Lynn

Winner of BBC The Apprentice 2017, Sarah Lynn, Director of Sweets in the City (, working mum and Lord Sugar’s business partner. We talk all things Apprentice and the challenges of having babies in the midst of launching/expanding a company. @sweetsinthecity

S2 Ep1. Michaela Wain Interviews Dave Spikey

Season 2 of Michaela Wain Interviews is now under way! Today I will be interviewing Dave Spikey – comedian, actor, writer and producer. With over 30 years in the industry he has loads to talk about, highlighting his upcoming tour, A Funny Thing Happened (I shot Derek Rigby), and retelling stories from Dead Man Weds and Phoenix Nights. Check out Dave’s website for availability of tour tickets.

Ep.16 Michaela Wain interviews Maggie Oliver

Maggie Oliver. Ex police officer who blew the whistle on the Rochdale grooming scandal and has since worked tirelessly to get justice for all involved. She’s an inspiration to everyone and her story is amazing. @MaggieOliverUK

Ep.15 Michaela Wain interviews Rav Wilding

Rav wilding, presenter of Crimewatch, discusses his career in the police force, our opinions on knife crime, the army and his long career in TV. @RavWilding

Ep.14 Michaela Wain interviews Charlotte Crosby

Star of the Charlotte Show, Charlotte Crosby, tells us all about her education, her amazing career, experience in business and all things social media, trolls and the reality of Reality TV. We even get to see how well Joshua Ritchie and Charlotte really know each other and we get a Donald Trump rap as a bonus! @Charlottegshore

Ep.13 Michaela Wain interviews David Wheater

Bolton Wanderers captain, David Wheater, talks to us about his career in football, the current state of Bolton Wanderers Football Club and his experience with Ken Anderson, as well as his love of wrestling.

Ep.12 Michaela Wain interviews Bolton Legend John McGinlay

Super John Mcginlay Bolton Wanderers Legend, talks to us about his career in football and after and the state of Bolton Wanderers and what can be done to sort the club out. @jdmcginlay

Ep.11 Michaela Wain interviews Laurence White

Laurence White is a producer working on all kinds of shows from the Apprentice to I’m a Celebrity. He’s also an artist – we talk about all things reality TV, business and creativity with some inside tips and gossip about the TV industry. @laurence_m_white

Ep.8 Michaela Wain Interviews Mark & Liam of WHYSUP – Part 2

This is part 2 of our 2 part podcast with Mark and Liam of WHYSUP so make sure to listen to part 1 if you want to hear the full story. Mark and Liam are two ex addicts discussing their on-going recovery, tails of destruction, pre-recovery and the amazing work they do preventing addiction. @whysupofficial

Ep.7 Michaela Wain Interviews Mark & Liam of WHYSUP – Part 1

In this 2 part podcast I will be speaking with Mark & Liam of WHYSUP. Two ex addicts discussing their on-going recovery, tails of destruction pre-recovery and the amazing work they do preventing addiction. Be on the lookout for part 2 soon after part 1 goes live! WHYSUP

Ep.6 Michaela Wain Interviews Camilla Ainsworth

Today I am interviewing Camilla Ainsworth, runner up in the BBC Apprentice 2018 – Talking all things Apprentice, living in the house, trolls, her life before the Apprentice and her success with MYLKPLUS since then, and obviously discussing our natural love of goats. MYLKPLUS

Ep.5 Michaela Wain Interviews The Royal Butler

Today I will be interviewing the Royal Butler, Grant Harrold. We will be talking about getting a job working for arguably the most high profile family in the world, what the royals are really like and life as a butler, with a few inside secrets thrown in. @THEROYALBUTLER

Ep.4 Michaela Wain Interviews Harrison Jones

Harrison Jones star of BBC The Apprentice we discuss the difficulties of starting a new company from scratch after being publicly fired, how he got the investment anyway and being a first time dad whilst running a company, he’s also my partner so we find out how well he actually knows me. Harrison’s healthy eating brand can be found at

Ep.3 Michaela Wain Interviews Sean Maloney

Sean Maloney The insta famous International Celebrity Makeup Artist, tells us all about how he managed to go from studying broadcast journalism to being Charlotte Tilburys assistant in just a few months. Gives insight into the pros and cons of the MUA industry and is just an all round stand up guy and great business man. Inst @seanmaloneymua

Ep.2 Michaela Wain Interviews Justin Moorhouse

Justin Moorhouse – Comedian, Actor, Father and Vegan. In this podcast we talk to the very funny Justin about his career pre comedy and his opinion on the importance of education. He is currently touring and tickets are available at

Ep.1 Michaela Wain Interviews Josh Ritchie

Hello and welcome to my podcast, Michaela Wain Interviews, where I will be talking to Josh Ritchie from Love Island and the Charlotte Show. He shot to fame after Season 1 of Love Island but what most people don’t know is Josh Ritchie is already a successful businessman in his own right. In this Michaela Wain Interviews podcast we discuss his business ventures, life in the public eye and the effects of recording his relationship with Charlotte Crosby on the Charlotte Show.

Women in Construction
Women in Construction
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