Michaela Wain

When applying for The Apprentice 2017, I did so for more reasons than just a monetary investment from Lord Sugar.

I have struggled with a number of problematic issues throughout my life and career. My first company was put into liquidation 5 years after opening up, and as much as this massive set back could have had a long term effect on me I didn’t allow it to. Instead, I immediately started another business, paid off my debts from the first one and focused on making my new company bigger and better. My focus and dedication not to make any of the same mistakes paid off, and I now run 6 successful companies within the construction industry.

Many people have asked me why I applied for The Apprentice when I have already made a success of my life through the companies that I direct. My response has always been the same – I believe you can never have enough business knowledge, you should never stop pushing for better things and to achieve more. This was at the heart of my decision to apply for the series and moreover my dedication to achieving the role of candidate and then the achievement of placing 3rd in the competition.

Personally I have suffered with depression and anxiety since being a young girl. I have had many testing times and have battled to overcome my demons and come out on top.

I don’t think there is enough awareness of people suffering with a mental illness and I have always wanted to do more to help others see that there are many people in the same position, it just comes down to switching up your thoughts and turning the bad days into good ones.

These are all reasons I applied for The Apprentice and I thought this would be an amazing platform to help people see that depression and anxiety shouldn’t hold anyone back.

Further life struggles have come in the form of 15 miscarriages, again this did not make me give up my goal of being a mother, this resiliency resulted in the birth of my beautiful son who is now 8 years old. Harrison is my inspiration every day to get into work and achieve greater things and I hope that I have shown women out there that being mum does not stop you being a business woman, it gives you focus and if anything made me a better one. My aim is to go on to help and inspire other people with similar stories to mine, and make them see that there is so much to be achieved if you can just stay positive.

The Apprentice in no way defines me or my achievements and it is by no way my greatest achievement, it is just a stepping stone to get me where I want to be, however it has truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful for the experience and the people I have met by being a part of it.

One of them is Harrison Jones, who now heads up the southern branch of my construction company, Design & Build Construction. Harrison and I have both had a similar upbringing and have now come together to do public and inspirational speaking.

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