Following on from my success on The Apprentice last year I am now about to launch our new product on the We Connect Construction platform. We will be providing researched and real-time information on all construction projects from early planning and design to construction on site phase. Our initial focus will be regionally, with the North West being first on the list. We will be launching in the next month or so.

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We Connect Construction dispenses with the complexities of ALL other products on the market. Our strength and success is built on the user-friendly design of our product. Uncovering new construction leads has never been easier. We have a simple-to-use design and integrated searchable maps which are the keys to our usability.

We Connect Construction contains integrated sales management functionality allowing you to save costs on unnecessary and costly 3rd party CRM systems. Our leads can be assigned to individual sales professionals within your organisation and updated with YOUR quoted sales values, range of products, projected sales close date and more. Notes and details on sales activity can also be stored within each project record giving sales managers full reporting capabilities and transparency.